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Hi, I’m Jody

Think of me as your personal cheerleader – supporting you every step of the way on your health journey. Here at Intentional Living, health and nutrition are a priority, as well as feeling your best, and living your life on purpose with purpose. I nudge you to push against your hesitations, fears, and perceived limitations to make sure you are working towards your dreams and living a life you absolutely love!

What it looks like start to finish

A free clarity call is for when you are learning about Health Coaching and have any questions – which I’ll answer – to help you decipher if this is for you or not. ( 5 – 10 minutes )

A Breakthrough Session ( or Discovery Call ) is where we start working together. You receive a Health History intake form that you fill out prior to our call which we discuss at this time. This intake form sets the foundation for the coaching you receive. This is when I get to know you, what you are wanting, and I paint the picture of how we will get there together. ( a 1 hour – 1.5 hour video call. )

All remainder calls are 45 minutes long held over the phone ( audio only ). These calls are where the work / fun begins and we bring your dreams and goals into reality. You receive weekly journal prompts that help you inquire within, weekly Food of the Week Handouts that help you expand your knowledge around nutrition and inspire you to get creative at the grocery store and in your kitchen. You can also email me at any time between sessions with questions that come up ( as the bulk of your ‘work’ happens in-between our sessions in your day to day life).

Let’s tap into your beauty, power, and grace together!

It’s time to let go of fear, shame, worry, doubt, anxiety, overwhelm, burnout, and chaos

You’ll step into clarity, strength, authentic power, joy, love, ease, certainty, faith, and time freedom

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“Jody sincerely cares about the work that she does and the individualized help that she provided me. She is very knowledgeable, kind, and professional. I can not express just how much I appreciate her integrity. It is always a breath of fresh air when someone shows up like they say they will, and provides what they promise. Thank you Jody, I am on my way to better health and happiness. All I had to do was ask for help.’ – RS


‘As some who has gone through a nutrition program, ben a physical trainer, tried MANY different diets and supplements, and who care incredibly about the health of my body, I have never felt better in my body than after I worked with Jody and tried her clean eating. And I wasn’t even exercising that week! – Anonymous


‘I can’t believe it’s been almost a year of being vegan. Let’s say more clean eating. I can barely smell butter without it sort of grossing me out. It’s funny! The dairy I don’t miss at all and I don’t substitute with much creamy stuff. I also don’t miss meat, but I was never a big meat eater. It was the dairy I thought would be hard. My throat is no longer swollen ( which I knew it was always irritated and I used to get those weird white thing lodged in the crevices of my throat, which I don’t even see anymore?! ) and I got sick right after we worked together and haven’t been sick since and my kids have even been sick! Which is usually a guarantee that I get sick. Thank you again for that week – it was literally life changing!’ – BM


‘I have learned that eating healthy does actually taste good and so good actually that I want to eat more, and my appetite increases. And knowing that I can eat as much as I want ( while still having an exercise routine ) without worrying about it is such a relief ‘ – R


‘I am cooking more, walking more, drinking more water, and beginning to understand refined sugar, than you!’ – A


‘Grateful that R and I have been able to find / create more time to talk and connect.’ – Z


‘Jody!!! You are an angel to our family and are helping us so much. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.’ – RB


‘I was very satisfied with Jody’s coaching. She helped me to navigate new pathways in my life in a very sound holistic manner. She is intuitive and has exceptional skills in her ability to read a persons concerns that need coaching. She often suggested an idea for me to consider that was maybe a thought for me, but needed to be brought forward. I consider her coaching to be of great help for me to make the bet of my life in several categories.’ – JH


‘Jody is just amazing. She has helped me in all aspects of my life from finances / budgeting, shopping techniques, to how to change my train of thought from negative to positive. How to see the end goal even through the bad days. She was able to help me work toward my goals by helping me stay motivated, sending me weekly reminders and motivational links and messages. She worked with my crazy schedule to make sure I was able to meet her. The most significant overall change I have noticed has been that she helped me recognize I need to take time for self – care and how important it is. My sleep has improved as well as my attitude toward daily activities. She is very knowledgeable in her field and is so passionate about helping people and how beneficial being healthy and happy can be. Thank you Jody, for being there when I needed you the most. I had no idea how to get my health on track and you went above the call of duty to help me. Now I am on the road to a healthy happy life. Thank you! – B


‘I’ve been working with Jody for almost a year now and she has helped me in more ways than I could possibly put into words. Not only is she a powerhouse of knowledge when it comes to nutrition, mindful living, and all things wellness, but she also has spot on intuitive guidance that never fails to bring me the insights I need during our time together. What I love the most is how incredible she is at supporting me in tapping into my own inner wisdom. Her loving, grounding, and compassionate energy always holds space for exactly where I am while also calling me forward with unwavering belief in my ability to transform. If you’re desiring to dive deep and create real change in your health and life, she is who you’ve been seeking. Thank you so much for everything, Jody! You have been one for the biggest blessings on my path this year ad I couldn’t imagine moving through it without out.’ GS

Coaching helps with

Lack of focus – lack of motivation – anxiety – bloating – brain fog – poor sleep – headaches – slow digestion – chronic inflammation – skin issues – constipation – adrenal fatigue – yo yo dieting – food anxiety – stomach pain – feeling unsatisfied about life – feelings of stagnation – emotional regulation – confidence building – how to manage anger & frustration – self criticism – not feeling worthy – self doubt – join pain – back pain – yeast overgrowth – candida – anemia – better eyesight – ability to exercise – increased energy – positive mindset – smaller grocery budget – rarely sick – quicker recovery – and much more.

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