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Plant Based Jackfruit Enchiladas

I prioritize food and health over here so I dedicate time everyday to make sure I have 3 good meals during the day because I understand how that choice effects every single other area of my life. 

I didn’t always know how to cook though. It was daunting and my diet when young was leftover lemon bars, cookies, and bread from the bakeries I worked at. 

 Since then I ended up in Culinary School studying baking and pastry where I learned all the cool knife skills and tricks; and then nutrition school which … well .. changed everything. 

I know what its like to have no idea where to start in the kitchen – especially if you’re wanting to make diet changes. 

This is for you if: 

– you hesitate to cook in the kitchen

– you don’t see cooking as something fun and enjoyable

– you haven’t yet learned how to cook 

– you think cooking takes too much time 

– when you cook it always turns out bad

– you never know what to make 

– you want to eat healthier but not sure where to start

– you’re interested in plant based eating & want to learn new recipes 

– you’d just like to have some fun, learn a new recipe, and cook with me in the kitchen 🙂 

– or maybe some other reason I haven’t mentioned here

Learn how to make 

Plant Based Jackfruit Enchiladas

Virtual & Hands on Cooking Classes

Wednesday  5/31 & 6/7   

Friday:  6/2 & 6/9 

6 – 8pm PST

Find the day and time that work best for you 

If you want to attend but can’t on these days – please let me know so I can add additional times

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