Empowerment Circles


I am so glad you are here. You matter and deserve nothing short of the best.

* * *

Empowerment Circles: a place and time to come together to join hands and walk through this life in positive support.

Being in community with others dramatically decreases stress, anxiety, worry, and doubt all the while increasing happiness levels and feelings of belonging, joy, and love.

You will find support, encouragement, guidance, connection to others going through similar things as you, and a place that feels like home and a big hug.

This is a judgement free zone where we all lift one another up, support each other, give and receive equally, cultivate win – win situations, laugh with each other, and experience all of life together in a truly beautiful way.

If this sounds good to you – come join us!

Every WEDNESDAY starting April 5, 5:30 – 6:30pm PST we come together ( kind of like a New Moon or Full Moon Circle ), working with the astrological energies & themes of the month, to be guided and supported through any and all of life’s challenges and blessings. 

These are VIRTUAL meetings so you can join from anywhere you are on the globe! 

I will be your host – Hi, I’m Jody!

I encourage you to come every week – however join as often is possible for you and your schedule.

Please register for circle ahead of time ( if you don’t I won’t know to send you the meeting link! ) Please register and then choose the payment option down below that suits you best.

Payment Options:

$15 per circle

$12.50 weekly autopay

The light in me honors the light in you – lets shine even brighter together!