Pivot to Whole Foods

Cleaning up the Diet.

Moving out of Processed Foods.

Into Whole Foods in their natural form.

Anxiety, Bloating, Brain Fog, Poor Sleep, Headaches, Poor / Slow Digestion, Inflammation, Skin Issues, Constipation, Adrenal Fatigue, Yo -Yo dieting, Food Anxiety, Stomach Pain

Heightened Mental Clarity, Sustained Energy, Adequate Sleep, Decreased Overall Inflammation, Confidence in Food, Knowledge in Cooking, How to eat for your body type, Healthy Gut, Confidence around Food Choices, Confidence in Self, Improved Mood, Increase in Overall Health, Improvement in over all life.

The kind of meals you’ll be eating!!

Session 1: Clarity + Intentions

Session 2: Goals + Visualize

Session 3: Processed Food + Labels

Session 4: Anti – inflammatory + Calming Foods

Session 5: Balancing Your Plate

Session 6: Artifical vs Natural Sugar

Session 7: Natural Sugar + Cravings + Hydration

Session 8: Artifical Foods + Brain Health

Session 9: Fruit + Veggie + Greens + Pesticides

Session 10: Fermented Foods. Gut Health. Veggie Storing Methods

Session 11: Caffeine + Exercise

Session 12: Cooking at home + Beans

Session 13: Protein + Grains

Session 14: Check in + Self Discipline.

Session 15: Superfoods

Session 16: Mindset + Sweets

Session 17: Meal Prep / Plan + Shopping Lists

Session 18: Confidence + Positive Psychology

Session 19: Completion of Program

Each program is individualized for 1:1 coaching. You will receive Recipes, Handouts, & Worksheets for visual learners as well as in-between guidance if needed.


Cost of the Program is $2,375

Option 1: Meet 2x a month for $250 / month

Option 2: Meet once a week for $500 / month

If you need a different kind of payment plan, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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