UpLevel Yourself – Uplevel in Life

Cultivate deeper satisfaction in Relationships, Career, Home Environment, & Finances

Deepen your knowledge of Nutrition.
Learn about Energy & Frequency Healing
Learn about Positive Psychology
Cultivate Conscious Communication
Feeling unsatisfied with your life.
Feeling & knowing there is more & better.
You want to improve & make positive changes, but haven’t been able to.
You’re frustrated & eager to be & do better.
You experience: anxiety, chaos, self criticism, worry, gut pain, feeling not enough, & anger.

You’ll be more confident & experience more joy.

You’ll be in charge of your world & life.

You’ll be healthy & balanced in all areas of life.

You’ll have an understanding of the importance of managing these key areas of life.

You’ll have a heightened sense of awareness.

We’ll be talking about things like:

Conscious Communication – Financial Responsibility – Emotions & Energy Connection – Limiting Beliefs – Proper Nutrition – Self Care – Comparison – Home Environment – Gardening

Month 1: Health

Month 2: Lifestyle Habits

Month 3: Mindset

Month 4: Movement / Exercise

Month 5: Nutrition

Month 6: Home Cooking

Month 7: Home Environment

Month 8: Relationships / Conscious Communication

Month 9: Energy Dynamics

Month 10: Finances

Month 11: Career

Month 12: Joy!

You will receive Handouts & Worksheets for visual learners as well as Recipes when we talk about nutrition. There will be hands on opportunities and some community involvement. In-between guidance if needed.

Each program is individualized for 1:1 coaching.

Like what you see, but either don’t want to commit for a full year or feel you’ve already nailed some of the topics? You can pick and choose which months you want to work on and leave out the ones you don’t. ( 3 month minimum )

Group Programs will have a community space to discuss 24/7 with other members in the group.


Cost of the program is $3000

Option 1: Meet once a week for $250 / month ( sessions are 45 minutes )

Option 2: Curate your own program. Pick which months you want to work on and how often you want to meet. ( $250 / month )

If you need a different kind of payment plan, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Does this sound like what you need in your life?

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