What You Receive

I guide those who are ready for change.

I support you through the process of transitioning from where you are, to where you’re wanting to be.

It can be easy to know what we want ( sometimes ), however more difficult when it comes to successfully implementing deep rooted changes into our lives.

I help you gain clarity on where you are and compare it to where you are wanting to be, and then guide you, support you, and hold you steady through the process of achieving your goals in the most resistance free form possible.

All change comes with resistance, yet when we understand what the resistance means, how to use it to our benefit, supported through the process, change becomes effortless and even enjoyable.

I largely focus my coaching around mindset shifting, diminishing our limiting beliefs, learning the power behind setting intentions, and finding balance between effort and ease.

The foundation of my coaching is on Primary and Secondary Foods ( how we feed ourselves on and off our plates) with an emphasis on increasing the amount of things we do that bring us Joy to decrease the amount of things we do that drain our energy tank.

Primary Foods are Relationships, Career, Exercise, and Spirituality. Secondary Foods being the food on our plates.

In order to make deep rooted changes, it takes motivation, perseverance, and grounding. All of which I help you cultivate and strengthen as our time together grows and you grow right along with it.

If you know you are ready for change, yet arent sure if you have pinpointed, focused motivation yet, no worries. The awareness and intention is the first step. I’ll help you get there.

I do not push or force you to do anything. Rather, I gently nudge the walls we tend to build up, then encouarge and teach you how to tune to your inner being, listen closely, and help you regain the trust with your intuition. Allowing you to follow your own unique path and break through any walls that might be in your way and stopping you from reaching the goals you have.

I support you through any rocky times where you might feel off balance while changes are taking place, and keep your focus on the future and your goals; giving you the tools to calm your mind when it pushes back, resources that can be helpful, and encouraging support every step of the way.

This is a transformation about building strength and confidence within yourself, and saying hello to a new and incredible version of you.

It’s a ride and experience unlike anything else. Pushing through layers of fear, worry, and doubt, to meet feelings and have experiences of deep joy, love, and connection.

A beautiful ride, and a beautiful journey.

The Structure

Weekly, Bi – Monthly, or Monthly Chats / Check Ins

( Remotely ~ or ~ In Person )

We start with a Breakthrough Session. This helps me get to know you and what areas of your life you desire to change. As well as a time for you to get to know me, and get a feel for what it would be like to meet on a regular basis.

Our first session will be about getting clear on where you currently are in your life. What your current reality looks like. Then we will talk about what you would rather that reality look like. Your goals. Your dreams. Your desires. Your needs.

We will go over what I consider to be the 12 Key Areas in Life ( The Circle of Life ) that bring about balance and joy, and where you feel you fall in terms of satisfaction to all these areas. These areas include: Joy, Creativity, Finances, Career, Education, Health, Movement, Home Cooking, Home Environment, Relationships, Social Life, and Spirituality.

We will also look over what I consider to be the 14 Steps to Joyful Peaceful Living. All the steps I personally took which helped me satisfy all of the 12 Key Areas in life. Some of these steps include: finding the ideal water intake for your specific body; experimenting with cooking, food, and protein intake; increasing whole unprocessed foods and decreasing processed foods; practicing breath awareness; regulating your mindset; starting / building a garden; and increasing self confidence and awareness.

These two above mentioned items ( The Circle of Life & 14 Steps to Joyful Peaceful Living ) are our blueprint for our coaching time together.

We will move through all these areas, one at a time, at a pace that works best for you. Diving deep into each one and gradually introducing basic changes over a period of time. I have found the best results are achieved when we slow down and focus our attention on one area at a time and gradually work our way through.

As change in one area will ultimately positively effect other areas at the same time.

Each session will be like a check-in, to see how you are doing in the present moment; discuss what’s been working, what’s not, what needs adjustments or improvements, any accomplishments you achieved, how you’re doing with your Circle of Life, and time to chat about anything else going on in your life you’d like to share. You tell me what change you want to see, and I help bring that into reality.

The Ultimate Goal:

This coaching is for anyone who wants to bring awareness, attention, and intention into their life for the sake of improving, or feeling satisfied, in all areas of life. Intentionally creating the exact life that perfectly aligns with, and balances, all versions of you, bringing you into a life you are ecstatic about living and waking up for. Continuously keeping a focus on the things that bring you the most Joy and Love into your life and actively partaking in those activities daily to crowd out all things that bring dissatisfaction.