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Hi, I’m Jody Vining

Think of me as your personal cheerleader -supporting you every step of the way on your health journey. Here at Intentional Living, health and nutrition are a priority, as well as feeling your best, and living your life on purpose with purpose. I nudge you to push against your hesitations, fears, and perceived limitations to make sure you are working towards your dreams and living a life you absolutely love!

Lets go!

Let’s make your life overflowing with joy, love, and laughter!

It can be easy to get into a place of known and routine where stagnation can creep up on you, you might begin to see yourself complaining, having resentment, stressed, anxious, and / or frustrated. This usually just means a little change is needed and some sprucing up is in store! I help you gain clarity on where the extra love is needed and then we dive deep to unearth the wonderfulness that awaits you!

I help you fuel your body with abundant nutrition, move your body in a way that is fun and exciting, cultivate relationships that feel like a warm hug, work in a career that lights you up, create a home space that you love, increase your joy, encourage you to explore your curiosities, and much more.

So today I encourage you to take your first leap ( the hardest part is making the initial decision ) to put yourself first for a change – to improve your life so you can live the beautiful life that is awaiting you. One that is full of laughs, cuddles, delicious food, restful sleep, an abundance of love, and everything else in-between. Together – anything is possible, and nothing is off limits! So, let’s get started !