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What if I told you, you already are what you are trying to become?

I am a firm believer that we end up right where we are for a reason. I am a believer that when we ask, the answers are given.

I know what its like to feel like there’s no hope, no answers, no support, and that figuring it out on our own is the only option.

This is why I created Intentional Living with Jody

When we are open enough, aware enough, and present enough, our desires can come in.

Dietary Theories

I believe there are endless amounts of dietary paths a person can take, and what works for one can very much so look completely different from what works for another. Neither is right, nor wrong. If it makes you happy and healthy, keep doing what you’re doing!

I’m here to help you figure out what eating lifestyle works best for YOUR body.


ADD IN to CROWD OUT – over here we don’t do the deprived thing. Instead we focus on abundance and adding in good foods & habits, that will take the place of ones that aren’t serving us.

WHOLE FOODS – we focus on eating foods that are straight from the earth. Foods that don’t have a price tag or come in a box. We shop in the produce aisle or at Farmers Markets. Because we know that unprocessed foods are life giving – not taking. We remove processed foods and all the foods now known to have detrimental health effects.

HOLISTIC – this means we focus not just on nutrition – but on ALL areas of life as nutrition is only one piece of the pie. Maybe you’ve been rocking your nutrition game for awhile but are still confused why life isn’t as awesome as you thought it would be. Here we make sure you are also rocking it in the areas of career, movement, joy, spirituality, relationships, finances, home environment, and mindset.

BALANCE – yes it is a possible thing. It starts from within. When we eat balanced, our outer world balances as well. We cultivate balance of mind, food, work, & play here. Sweets are not off limit, they are encouraged when they meet the whole food approach. Over working, burn out, stress, adrenal fatigue – do not belong here. We are about enjoyment, laughter, being of service, and having our work also be our play.

POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY – cultivating a mindset that sees the beauty, gratitude, joy, and love FIRST is of utmost importance when we are creating a life we truly love living. We teach techniques on how to rewire our subconscious, shift our frequencies, develop thoughts that are supportive for our growth, and move into a world and space of love, gratitude, & ease.

At Intentional Living with Jody I teach you how to bring all of this into your world.

I do this by listening to you – telling me where you are currently at.

What areas you want to change.

Where your struggles are.

Where you are stuck.

Where you are trying to get improvement, but aren’t for some reason.

What you want your life to look like and know you deserve.

The dreams you have, but aren’t sure how to make them reality.

Schedule Breakthrough Call where we can do this right now.

Working with me:

We first get very clear about all the limiting beliefs you may have.

I will give you positive psychology exercises to bust through those.

Then we dive deep into all of the areas ( one at a time ) – and begin shifting your behaviors to bring in what you are wanting instead.

Would you like a taste of what this behavior shifting is like?

Where it all began

I spent part of my adolescent life feeling depressed, foggy, lost, and trapped. I was going to school like I was told to, I was getting a job like I was told to, and I was trying to fit into a crowd wondering why it all just felt so wrong. I didn’t receive much of any education in Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyles so my diet consisted of chocolate chips, dairy, and bread in as many different forms as possible. It wasn’t until I was on the verge of passing out with stomach pains, a severe headache that wouldn’t subside, blurry vision, and constant fatigue that I finally woke up and said

‘Okay, something isn’t right and it’s up to me to figure out what, and change it.’

So I did.

I finally enrolled myself in that Nutrition class I had always wanted to take.

I listened to my body and saw that Naturopathic Doctor who was always in the back of my mind who helped me understand my handful of chocolate chips first thing in the morning was skyrocketing my blood sugar setting me up for a day of some serious ups and downs. My low intake of vegetables and leafy greens was leaving me iron deficient with an inability for my blood to get the oxygen it needed.

My lack of knowledge about foods and balancing my plate was causing some serious havoc on my body and preventing me from being able to think clearly and make good decisions for myself.

My ability to make this change came from me switching my mindset and my diet.

From one of listening to what others were telling me to do, to one of listening to myself and my body and what it was trying to tell me.

I was so focused on taking advice from those around me who were successful in fear of failure if I didn’t, yet I hadn’t realized that their success was different from what I saw as success for me. ​ I had to start listening to my own self, my own intuition, in order to see how the advice I was given by others may have been good, but it wasn’t what I needed in order to get to where I wanted to go.

The only way we can heal ourselves and accomplish the things we want to in life is if we trust our own intuition.

So that is why I am here today. To help all of you who are in that same place that I was and trying to find their way.

I am here to help you figure out the source of what ails you and help you break free of it.

I am here to help you relearn how to trust your own gut and intuition and give you that support you will need when you start making these changes. With every change there is an obstacle and I will be there to help you overcome it. ​ I am here to let you know you can have that life you have always wanted. ​ And that it would be my honor to help you create it. ​

Schedule your Breakthrough Call

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