Why & how to use seaweed in your garden as a fertilizer

Are you wondering why and how to use seaweed in your garden as a fertilizer? Are you looking for a great fertilizer for your garden? Do you live near the coastline or by a body of water?

Seaweed is a great fertilizer for your garden and is easy to incorporate into your garden routine. You will learn 5 reasons to use seaweed in your garden as a fertilizer and 4 ways to go about using this seaweed in your garden.

Seaweed has been used in gardens for centuries. Now a days it is even more imperative to think about soil quality as our modern day farming practices have led to soil depletion. The soil we use has become low in nutrients and beneficial bacteria which means the food that is grown in the soil is low in nutrients, therefore the tomato, apple, squash we are eating isn’t as nutrient dense as it once was; potentially leading to nutrient deficiencies in our body.

The better the quality of soil, the better the quality of the food that is grown in that soil.

Seaweed is a free floating sometimes semi anchored algae in the ocean as well as fresh water lakes. It is either brown, green, or red.

Let’s start with the 5 reasons to use seaweed in your garden.

  1. It has nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. If you look up the ratio of these online you will find varying answers – however this trio is a wonderful combination for your garden.
  2. Full of amino acids. This is just one part of the seaweed that helps to encourage plant growth.
  3. Abundant in trace minerals. The more minerals and vitamins in our soil translates to more minerals and vitamins in the food that is grown in that soil – aka more nutrient dense food that our bodies love.
  4. Abundant in micronutrients and enzymes – another part of how seaweed encourages plant growth
  5. Seaweed also boosts disease protection of your plants as well.

So basically seaweed in your garden as a fertilizer is a heck yes!

Here are 4 ways to use seaweed in your garden as a fertilizer

  1. Put your seaweed in your homemade compost. Then put your compost into your garden beds.
  2. Lay the seaweed directly on top of the soil like a mulch. This is what I did. ( shown in the picture above & below ) This is the easiest way in my opinion. I just laid the seaweed directly on top of the soil in between the rows in my garden. Seaweed breaks down quickly and will slowly release its nutrients into the soil.
  3. Create a powder. Dry your seaweed in the sun or in a dehydrator – and then blend it into a powder. Sprinkle & mix this powder into your soil.
  4. Make a liquid fertilizer. In a 5 gallon bucket place your seaweed. Add water and cover. Let sit until the seaweed fully breaks down. Strain the liquid once ready and then add this liquid fertilizer to your garden. This is a concentrated form so use sparingly mixed with fresh water as well.

When it comes to making sure your garden soil is healthy and up for growing rich nutrient dense food – using seaweed in your garden as a fertilizer is a great and easy option!

If you give it a try let me know in the comments down below.

Happy gardening!

Published by Jody Vining

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