Why & how to use seaweed in your garden as a fertilizer

Are you wondering why and how to use seaweed in your garden as a fertilizer? Are you looking for a great fertilizer for your garden? Do you live near the coastline or by a body of water? Seaweed is a great fertilizer for your garden and is easy to incorporate into your garden routine. YouContinue reading “Why & how to use seaweed in your garden as a fertilizer”

How to shift your reality

When you wake up in the morning, look around. Look at your hands, your legs and body. Look at the bed you’re in, the room that surrounds you. The things that surround you. Look at yourself in the mirror. And say – I like what I see. It might sound congruent. It might not atContinue reading “How to shift your reality”

A different way to view work & money

How do you view your work and money? In a good light or are both more of a struggle? I’m going to highlight a different way of thinking about work and money today. One I believe many people don’t see.  Where work is play, and money feels joyous, not a heavy weight. I know forContinue reading “A different way to view work & money”

21 Ways to Reduce Your Waste

The amount of trash we all accumulate over a short period of time is pretty astounding. We have come into an age of single use, throw away if its slightly broken, and overconsumption. This takes a BIG tax on our earth – and threatens our ability to survive here as a species. Yes, look itContinue reading “21 Ways to Reduce Your Waste”

4 Steps of Change

If you haven’t heard this line already – the only constant in life is change. Everything changes and it is always changing. That we can guarantee. If you don’t believe me – go spend some time out in nature. Especially a beach. It’ll show you. We all know how much change we’ve been through inContinue reading “4 Steps of Change”

3 Foods for Gut Health

It all starts in the gut – or well – it starts with the foods we put in our mouth which either help or hinder the gut. The gut is known as the other brain – and like that old time saying that ‘if the wife isn’t happy – no one in the family is’Continue reading “3 Foods for Gut Health”

12 things a Health Coach can help you with

If you are here reading this today you are most likely interested in health and wellness to some degree. Maybe you are wanting to improve your own health in some way or maybe you are caregiving for someone else and trying to find ways to help them. Either way you are in a wonderful place!Continue reading “12 things a Health Coach can help you with”

Questions to ask a Health Coach when looking to hire one

The Health Coaching industry has grown a lot over the last handful of years so it is important to make sure when hiring a coach that the coach you are interviewing is properly skilled and the right fit for you! A properly trained Health Coach will also be doing the same in your initial chatContinue reading “Questions to ask a Health Coach when looking to hire one”

Basic Green Smoothie

If you’re like me you might not have grown up eating very many greens – unless they were green M&Ms or cookies around Christmas. So building in the habit of incorporating greens into your daily routine – might be … well … a struggle. No fret though – this is an easy way to incorporateContinue reading “Basic Green Smoothie”