4 Steps of Change

If you haven’t heard this line already – the only constant in life is change. Everything changes and it is always changing. That we can guarantee. If you don’t believe me – go spend some time out in nature. Especially a beach. It’ll show you.

We all know how much change we’ve been through in these last few years. Or at least the change we’ve been thrown into and are either resisting, suppressing, ignoring, struggling through it, or maybe even flowing right along with it.

I think it is safe to also say the majority of us don’t like change and refuse and avoid it as much as possible.

Well – what if change was actually a good thing? What if change was easier? What if it was exactly what is needed to bring forth that which is wanted and needed? What if the change that is trying to take place is what is bringing forth the dream you have or how the struggle you’ve been going through is going to finally end.

What if change was actually a really beautiful thing?

How would it look if we celebrated change and welcomed it with wide open arms and open doors because we knew that if things felt like they were changing it was because a new and even better version was being birthed.

That vision board you have isn’t necessarily going to happen without some change first.

If we want something to look different – we have to do something different.

And from my experience – the thing that’s frustrating me the most that I really don’t want to do – is EXACTLY the thing that needs to be done to bring about the shift that is trying to happen.

So how do we know when we are in change, how far along we are in the process, and when the change will ‘end’?

4 Steps we go through when experiencing change.

Dissolving – Imagining – Reforming – Full Flight


The falling away of old ways of being, speaking, thinking, and acting.


Dreaming up a new life. Day dreaming, making vision boards, getting clear on what is wanted instead or what needs to be done differently.


Taking new action, trying these different ways of being, speaking, thinking, and acting. Doing things you’ve never done. Seeing something familiar, but in a totally different way. Trail and error. Testing new things out to see what works and what doesn’t.

Full Flight

These new ways of doing things become routine and habit which form new patterns and ways of being.

An example of this process being played out in my own life over a 5 year period.

Dissolving: Deciding I wanted a different kind of career, relationship, and living location.

Imagining: Getting clear on what it was I wanted instead.

Reforming: Making vision boards, visiting locations, separating from a relationship, going to school for certifications, moving, meeting new people, adding in new habits like meditation, journaling, morning exercise, reading, gardening. Letting go of habits like watching TV, eating unhealthy food, not getting enough sleep, going to bed late, not taking care of myself, suppressing emotions, drinking ( not that I ever did much of that anyway).

Full Flight: a totally different way of being. Instead of waking up tired, spending time wishing my hair looked better and skin was clearer, that my jeans fit better, grabbing a sugary something for breakfast, rushing out the door being late to a hectic job, to come home exhausted feeling sick, eating processed food and staring at a TV screen and getting to bed late – I wake when my body is rested, feel excited for the day, put on my favorite comfy clothes, make something hydrating, take care of my teeth, head to the beach for a run where I run and play in the water and collect shells. Say good morning to those around me, pet the local neighborhood beach cat. Head home, make a nourishing breakfast, take a soothing shower, do some journaling and meditation, decide what I’ll be doing for the day – all things I love and enjoy – and then end the day cooking vibrant nourishing food, spending time with loved ones, gardening, reading, stretching, laughing, and playing.

If we want something to look different – we have to do something different.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over – expecting a different result.

Change can be a really good thing.

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Published by Jody Vining

Helping you live in such a way where you shine every day. Where you laugh so much you get your ab workout in for the day. Where your skin, eyes, and aura just glow with confidence, joy, and love, and it radiates off of you onto others. Life is supposed to be fun. We are here to feel joy, happiness, comfort, and love. We are meant to live our passions and dreams. My passions focus around Mindset, Food, Nutrition, Clean Lifestyle, and making sure you are fulfilled from the inside out. I accept you for exactly who you are. Our minds can get stuck in negative places so Im here to help you rewire those crazy thoughts, change around the habits that don't help you thrive and add in new ones that do. I remind you what it feels like to live intuitively. Being your True, Beautiful, Joyful, Authentic, Empowered Self. As you are meant to be. ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ "The best kind of people are the ones that come into your life and make you see the sun where you once saw clouds. The people that believe in you so much, you start to believe in yourself too. The people that love you for being you. The once in a lifetime kind of people."

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