Pesto Sauce Recipe

Who doesn’t love a good pesto sauce with some pasta?! Pesto is such a wonderful sauce that you can play around with and make many different versions. The version I have for you today is a little different than most and the one I use when making pesto pasta at home. It is a plantContinue reading “Pesto Sauce Recipe”

Why & how to use seaweed in your garden as a fertilizer

Are you wondering why and how to use seaweed in your garden as a fertilizer? Are you looking for a great fertilizer for your garden? Do you live near the coastline or by a body of water? Seaweed is a great fertilizer for your garden and is easy to incorporate into your garden routine. YouContinue reading “Why & how to use seaweed in your garden as a fertilizer”

How to shift your reality

When you wake up in the morning, look around. Look at your hands, your legs and body. Look at the bed you’re in, the room that surrounds you. The things that surround you. Look at yourself in the mirror. And say – I like what I see. It might sound congruent. It might not atContinue reading “How to shift your reality”

10 Minute Chia Pudding

Here is a quick and easy plant based breakfast for you. High in calcium and protein – very filling – and also a make once eat 3 – 4 times meal! Chia Seeds – this little seeds are packed full of iron, potassium, protein, calcium, magnesium and fiber. They are a great source for OmegaContinue reading “10 Minute Chia Pudding”

A different way to view work & money

How do you view your work and money? In a good light or are both more of a struggle? I’m going to highlight a different way of thinking about work and money today. One I believe many people don’t see.  Where work is play, and money feels joyous, not a heavy weight. I know forContinue reading “A different way to view work & money”

21 Ways to Reduce Your Waste

The amount of trash we all accumulate over a short period of time is pretty astounding. We have come into an age of single use, throw away if its slightly broken, and overconsumption. This takes a BIG tax on our earth – and threatens our ability to survive here as a species. Yes, look itContinue reading “21 Ways to Reduce Your Waste”

4 Steps of Change

If you haven’t heard this line already – the only constant in life is change. Everything changes and it is always changing. That we can guarantee. If you don’t believe me – go spend some time out in nature. Especially a beach. It’ll show you. We all know how much change we’ve been through inContinue reading “4 Steps of Change”

Homemade Herbed Crackers

A stumbling block I came across while cleaning up my diet was crackers. It was hard to find a decent cracker / chip that didn’t contain a highly processed oil. Most are made using either, or all, of these: Vegetable Oil: Sunflower Oil, Safflower Oil, Corn Oil, Canola Oil. These oils are highly processed andContinue reading “Homemade Herbed Crackers”

Egg Alternatives

Are you someone who eats eggs and is currently frustrated with the increase in egg prices? Maybe your wondering what other options you have. Maybe you’ve wanted to reduce the amount of eggs you eat and now seems like the perfect time, but you’re wondering what to eat as a replacement. Here are 3 foodsContinue reading “Egg Alternatives”