Pesto Sauce Recipe

Who doesn’t love a good pesto sauce with some pasta?! Pesto is such a wonderful sauce that you can play around with and make many different versions. The version I have for you today is a little different than most and the one I use when making pesto pasta at home. It is a plantContinue reading “Pesto Sauce Recipe”

Why & how to use seaweed in your garden as a fertilizer

Are you wondering why and how to use seaweed in your garden as a fertilizer? Are you looking for a great fertilizer for your garden? Do you live near the coastline or by a body of water? Seaweed is a great fertilizer for your garden and is easy to incorporate into your garden routine. YouContinue reading “Why & how to use seaweed in your garden as a fertilizer”

10 Minute Chia Pudding

Here is a quick and easy plant based breakfast for you. High in calcium and protein – very filling – and also a make once eat 3 – 4 times meal! Chia Seeds – this little seeds are packed full of iron, potassium, protein, calcium, magnesium and fiber. They are a great source for OmegaContinue reading “10 Minute Chia Pudding”

Egg Alternatives

Are you someone who eats eggs and is currently frustrated with the increase in egg prices? Maybe your wondering what other options you have. Maybe you’ve wanted to reduce the amount of eggs you eat and now seems like the perfect time, but you’re wondering what to eat as a replacement. Here are 3 foodsContinue reading “Egg Alternatives”

3 Foods for Gut Health

It all starts in the gut – or well – it starts with the foods we put in our mouth which either help or hinder the gut. The gut is known as the other brain – and like that old time saying that ‘if the wife isn’t happy – no one in the family is’Continue reading “3 Foods for Gut Health”

Benefits of buckwheat!

One of the most enjoyable parts of learning about nutrition that I came across when studying nutrition was learning about each food individually and all of the wonderful health benefits they each contain. So when we are eating the food we can know exactly what wonderful thing it is doing for our body! Today isContinue reading “Benefits of buckwheat!”

12 things a Health Coach can help you with

If you are here reading this today you are most likely interested in health and wellness to some degree. Maybe you are wanting to improve your own health in some way or maybe you are caregiving for someone else and trying to find ways to help them. Either way you are in a wonderful place!Continue reading “12 things a Health Coach can help you with”

Questions to ask a Health Coach when looking to hire one

The Health Coaching industry has grown a lot over the last handful of years so it is important to make sure when hiring a coach that the coach you are interviewing is properly skilled and the right fit for you! A properly trained Health Coach will also be doing the same in your initial chatContinue reading “Questions to ask a Health Coach when looking to hire one”

Basic Green Smoothie

If you’re like me you might not have grown up eating very many greens – unless they were green M&Ms or cookies around Christmas. So building in the habit of incorporating greens into your daily routine – might be … well … a struggle. No fret though – this is an easy way to incorporateContinue reading “Basic Green Smoothie”