The Different Kinds of Water


We know its good for us. We are all familiar with being told to drink 8 glasses of water a day. And I feel most of us understand the reasons why its good for us.

But what isn’t talked about enough, is the kind of water and the different types of water.

Yes, there is Dasani and Fiji and Evian. That is bottled water, which is one type.

So what are the other types of water and what is the kind of water we want to be consuming?

In all reality the best water we will ever find will come straight from the earth. A natural spring of running water. Where the water is clear, there is thriving vegetation all around, you see vibrant green moss, and possibly other animals drinking from it too.

The earth is the best filter.

Now a days a lot of us are drinking tap water. Unfortunately us humans haven’t done too good of a job yet of properly cleaning water like the earth does. ( we are still learning ) When tested, tap water comes back showing all kinds of chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, over the counter and prescription drugs. ( this is even after the filtering we do )

Yeah – that is scary. I certainly don’t want to be putting that in my body. I hope you feel the same.

Typically once we realize this we either buy bottled water or go to the hardware store and get a filter we can attach to the faucet. I’ve done this, and absolutely a step in the right direction.

My hope however is that I can help you skip some of the steps I had to take.

But first – whats the draw back of bottled water?

Well, the majority of it is actually tap water that’s been sitting in plastic. The plastic itself isn’t natural, it is full of chemicals as well. So we are actually adding even more chemicals into the water when we bottle it. And even more so if that plastic bottle has been in the sun. And then if we want to add on the environmentally friendly part . . . really not good for the environment.

What about the filters from the hardware store?

Some of these are pretty good. And do a decent job of removing a lot of the unwanted stuff. They can be great to put in the kitchen. I would also recommend getting a good quality one for the shower as we typically shower in hot water which opens our pores – so our skin absorbs that water like a sponge.

However – what I found after using a kitchen and shower filter for about a year was that I had to replace the filters often, they didn’t remove all the unwanted stuff, and when compared to water that you can get at a natural spring, it wasn’t living water anymore. Not sure if you have ever experienced the water at a natural spring, but it is vibrant. It is full of life, air bubbles, and tastes amazing. It is full of all those good minerals from the earth.

Which gets me to Reverse Osmosis filters. A lot of us have these too. And these are even a few steps above the hardware filters. They filter the water very well. But again, the water is getting stripped of the minerals our bodies need and it isn’t living water anymore.

When testing the pH of tap water, bottled water, etc to fresh natural spring water they are very different. Spring water has an Alkaline pH where as the others have a very acidic pH.

For those not familiar with pH and what it means for our bodies, our bodies thrive in an alkaline environment. It is in an acidic environment when we begin to see diseases taking place. This is why we are hearing and seeing these ‘miracle patients’ healing their bodies from cancer by pumping their bodies full of alkaline foods and water. Disease can not live in an alkaline environment.

My suggestions

If you are completely new this ‘water needing to be filtered’ thing – do a little more research. Look up filters online, stop by the hardware store, talk with those around you, and maybe grab a couple filters for the kitchen and shower.

If you’ve done that already, or want to skip that step, here is an awesome link that shows you all of the natural spring locations in your area where you can go collect your own fresh spring water straight from the earth.

For me where I am currently at, the closest natural spring is about an hour and half away. Same days I am okay with making that trip – others not so much. Plus I don’t currently have a way to be able to use this water I collect from the spring to shower in.

Which lead me to continue investigating other options. The water I currently use at home is from a well and Reverse Osmosis is used. So the fear of chemicals etc isn’t there in the extent as city water. But the alkalinity and minerals aren’t there either. Fortunately, I did find a solution that provides me that spring like water in my home so I wouldn’t have to head out to the spring to get it.

Now I will say, and this is just me, in time I will find a home that is much closer to a natural spring and get my water from there. Straight from nature, straight from the source is always best.

In the meantime, if you are like me and want to bring the spring to you – follow the links below to learn about the filters I use in my home for drinking water and my shower and listen to what some scientists are saying about water quality as well.

Published by Jody Vining

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